Balloon forming (balloon blowing, blow molding) machines create balloons from thermoplastic tubing or parisons. The parisons are placed inside a cool mold, then the mold is heated and the high gas pressure is injected to expand the plastic into the inside shape of the mold. The mold is cooled back to room temperature before removing the balloon. The inside shape of each copper alloy mold is custom-made by Blockwise to the customer’s requested geometry.

Balloon Forming

Blockwise induction heating technology makes model FF the world’s fastest balloon forming machine. The thoughtful and refined design has the best ergonomics, safety, and process repeatability. Induction heating and direct-mold cooling provide rapid cycle times and superior uniformity in temperature. Touch-screen software design provides unmatched process flexibility with simple and intuitive recipe editing and management.

FF with Induction Module

PET, Nylon, Polyurethane, Pebax®

Balloon Diameter Balloon Length
0-45 mm 0 – 387 mm