We invent, design, develop, build, and sell specialized equipment for manufacturing, mostly for the medical catheter / balloon / stent industry. We strive to understand the relationships between product, process, and equipment, so that we can make the most capable equipment and help our customers to achieve highest quality and lowest cost manufacturing processes. We use complexity sparingly in our designs, where we can see that it will improve your quality or productivity. Our simple designs, however, are born of sophisticated engineering analysis and mathematical models.

Blockwise Engineering LLC is an Arizona company, formed in the year 2000. Blockwise equipment is profitably making medical devices at over 400 companies worldwide. Our customers include all of the world’s large balloon catheter, stent, and heart valve manufacturers, many medium-sized and small manufacturers, and also many universities and regulatory agencies. Our lean and fast 40-person team is located at our factory in Tempe, Arizona. It includes ten degreed engineers, and many specialists in toolmaking, electro-mechanical assembly, software development, production planning, purchasing, and finance/accounting. We have a very complete in-house metalworking and toolmaking shop with¬† CNC mills and lathes, wire EDM machines, and grinding machines. We have strategic relationships with specialized machining and fabrication suppliers, mostly in the Phoenix area.

We employ trained sales and support partners all over the world. We have a dedicated technical representative based at our partner Alpha-Zukunft GMBH in Freiburg, Germany and also at our partner Bewise Enterprise Development (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in China. At both Freiburg and Shanghai we maintain stocks of spare parts and showrooms where customers can try machines. We also have technical support and showrooms in Ireland, Japan, and Korea.


We hope that doing business with Blockwise is easy and straightforward. Our engineering team is our sales team, and they are empowered to make commitments about business deals, lead-times, and pricing, as well as technical and application issues. We readily provide approximate quotations. We are not interested in making money in ways that don’t add value to the world. We will always try to help with your problems in the way that’s best for you, even if it means less revenue for us, or recommending our competitors. We think carefully about implementing complexity and bureaucracy in our business practices, just as we do in our machine designs.