Proven durability and diameter consistency

Very easy die replacement for product changeover

Upgradable to touchscreen HMI version

Model SGL (Standard) and SGS (High-Force) Swaging Machines

  • Shortest Process Time Model SGL swages at 100 Hz with no drop in force. Model SGS swages at 75 Hz
  • Most Consistent Band Diameter Because the die fully closes on every blow, the diameter depends only on die geometry, not on any “force” or “pressure” settings, resulting in extremely low diameter variability.
  • Excellent Surface Finish Continuous 360 degree die rotation at 500 rpm for excellent band surface finish.
  • Compact design 60 cm wide by 30 cm deep.
  • Ergonomic Product loaded just above level of worktop.
  • Quick Adjustments Head cover with no hardware, easily changed die.
  • Clean room ready
Required Installation Connections – Model SGL /SGS
Description Physical Specs Functional Specs
Electric Power Powers the control system, motors, etc. C13 Coupler (IEC 60320) 100-240 VAC 2A 50-60Hz
Compressed Air Powers the gripper, etc.
(see Knowledge Base: Compressed Air &
High Pressure Gas Connections
Instant Tube Fitting Accepts ¼-inch OD Plastic Tube 6.9 to 8.3 bar (100 to 120 psi)

Model SGL – Standard Force

The standard force model is perfect for platinum, gold, and other soft, ductile metal markerbands. Choose this model unless your product needs higher force to swage.

Frequency Diameter Range
95 Hz 0.25 to 4 mm

Model SGS – High Force

The high force model is used for bands that require more force than the standard model. Stainless bands and other similar metals usually require model SGS.

Frequency Diameter Range
55 Hz 0.25 to 4 mm