Stent Crimping and Loading, Self-Expanding Stents - Blockwise Engineering

Blockwise's innovative self-expanding stent loaders will help you process even the most difficult stents. Our stent loaders vary from highly automated machines to simple yet powerful manual mechanisms. A stent loading machine generally consists of a compression mechanism to reduce the diameter of the stent, and a gripper for holding the delivery catheter. It may also have a pushrod system, or a cooling system for keeping the compressed nitinol stent from expanding.

Electric Actuation – Model LX

Capable and powerful stent loader that can process difficult-to-load stents with ease. Recipes are completely flexible allowing for creative process setup. Many options, such as catheter cooling, or automated pushrod can help optimize the loading process.

Long Length or Difficult-to-Load

Diameter Length Max Radial Force
0-29 mm 225 mm 1435 N

LX with PowerFeed™

Short or Easy-to-Load

Diameter Length Max Radial Force
0-16 mm 62,124,150,225 mm 1000 N

LX with ZeroG™

Manual Loading - Model NJ

Simple yet innovative loading machine offers many advantages: metal dies, high visibility, ability to process any length, making this a great choice for many stent loading applications.

Tapered Entrance

Diameter  Length Max Radial Force
0-30 mm  6.35 mm 530 N

NJ with Stent Nozzle™

Straight Bore

Diameter Length Max Radial Force
0-16 mm 62, 124 mm 1350 N

NJ with J-Crimp™