Blockwise offers complete radial force testing systems comprising a tensile testing machine and one or more low-friction radial compression stations, in various size ranges. Our radial force testing equipment is used and trusted at over 100 medical device companies, universities, and regulatory agencies.

Tensile Testing Machine for Radial Force Measurement

The world’s easiest-to-use radial force testing machine has purpose-built software with all the features you need and none that you don’t need. Beginners and occasional users have no problem quickly getting results. Calibration is an easy 2-minute task. Various Blockwise radial compression stations may be mounted on the TTR2 to form a complete radial force testing machine. Compression stations may be easily removed and replaced, and are chosen based on the size of the device to be tested.

TTR2 with J-Crimp™


Diameter Length Max RF
0-16 mm 62 or 124 mm 660 N

TTR2 with Twin-Cam™

Long or Medium-Diameter

Diameter Length Max RF
0-30 mm 124-310 mm 980 N

TTR2 with Large Twin-Cam™


Diameter Length Max RF
0-60 mm 124 or 248 mm 930 N