For pleating and compressing catheter balloons with electric and pneumatic actuation options available

For balloon-expandable stent crimping and general radial compression in an extensive range of sizes

For radial force measurement, available as full testing machines or standalone instrumentation

Simple or fully-automated marker band swaging machines, available in both standard and high-force

Manual and fully-automated marker band loading, positioning and pre-crimping machines

For loading both laser-cut and wire type self-expanding stents into a sheath or catheter

Simple, low-cost crimpers for many applications in manufacturing and R&D

Low-cost crimpers sized for prosthetic heart valves’ geometry and force requirements

Machines for rotating-beam type fatigue testing of small wires

Radial compression mechanisms with short working length for marker band crimping and many other applications

Quick and foolproof chucking and holding of very small wires and components

Productive fluid quick-disconnects for luer fittings and small tubes, for processing or leak testing catheter components

A guiding funnel with adjustable opening diameter, used to guide catheters or other long objects into a small opening