Manual Band Positioner

Simple Positioner

Manually position and pre-crimp marker bands with speed and precision.
Cost effective with a small-foot print.
  • Manually Operated
  • Triangular Pre-Crimp Geometry
  • Band Loading Groove
  • Close Band to Band Spacing

The simple positioner is a fixture that makes the task of loading, positioning, and pre-crimping marker-bands repeatable and easy. It consists of a band pusher/crimper and a rail that stops the band pusher in the desired position. Band stops are set with a caliper then locked into place with a setscrew. First the user loads the bands on to the catheter, with a built-in tray and groove that simplifies the loading task. Then the bands are pushed into location using the band pusher/crimper. Once the band is in position, a press of the button crimps the band into a triangular shape that locks it in place. Band stops flip out of the way to allow easy positioning and close band to band spacing.

Model SP

Simple Positioner makes the task of loading, positioning, and precrimping marker-bands easy and repeatable.

Diameter Range Max Marker Position
0.4-4 mm 250 mm