Secure precrimping with hexagonal crimp

Simple Control

Reliable mechanical positioning

Model PMC Markerband Positioner and Precrimper

In a typical application, the product consists of an “inner member” (plastic tube) slipped over a mandrel, with two bands placed on the mandrel.

In a typical operating sequence (after setting up a recipe in the PLC) the operator places the catheter inner member with bands into the side-loading gripper, the mandrel into the crimper, and then presses the START button. The crimper closes, and the operator touches the tip of the inner member against the face of the crimper dies (providing a position reference for the machine), then presses the START button again. The machine then uses the crimper, with almost zero closing force, to gently slide the bands, as a group, along the inner member to a known position. Then, one-by-one, the crimper is used to grab the outside of each band to move it away from the group, then push the band into position using the face of the crimper dies, then precrimp the band into a hexagonal shape.

Cycle time depends on the process settings; typical cycle time for PTCA-type catheters is about 28 seconds.

The 6-jaw crimper has 3 crimp-force settings that are used and commanded by the PLC: 1) a high crimp force (diameter-limited) for precrimping the bands into a hexagonal shape, 2) a low crimp force for grabbing the outside of a band that’s adjacent to another band without deforming the band, 3) a very low (almost zero) force used when sliding the bands along the catheter by pushing them with the face of the dies. The inner member is not harmed by the dies when sliding the bands.

When precrimping the bands, the crimper diameter can be limited by a mechanical stop set by a fine-pitch adjusting screw.

The PLC software provides up to 100 user-changeable “recipes” that contain:
1) The number of bands to be positioned and precrimped (1 to 25).
2) The length of the bands.
3) The desired positions of each band from the tip of the inner member to the right side of the band

Required Installation Connections – Model PMC
Description Physical Specs Functional Specs
Electric Power Powers the control system, HMI, heaters, etc. C13 Coupler (IEC 60320) 100-240 VAC 2A 50-60Hz
Compressed Air Powers the Simpluer connector, etc.
(see Knowledge Base: Compressed Air &
High Pressure Gas Connections
Instant Tube Fitting Accepts ¼-inch OD Plastic Tube 6.9 to 8.3 bar (100 to 120 psi)

Markerband Positioner and Precrimper

Simple, easy-to-use, automatic machine for placing markerbands on catheters. Uses reliable mechanical method that can be set up in just minutes. Great choice for production environments.

Typical Cycle Time – 2 bands: 28 seconds
Standard Deviation Band-to-Band Distance: 0.028 mm
Allowable Number of Bands: 1 to 25
Band Diameter Range: 0.25 to 4.7 mm
Maximum To-to-Band Distance: 290 mm
Side-Loading Gripper Die Material: Acetal Copolymer Plastic
6-Jaw Crimper Die Material: Hardened Stainless Steel