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Markerband Positioner / Precrimper - Model PMC
              Simple, accurate, and fast positioning and precrimping of marker bands

Secure Precrimping   Blockwise 6-Jaw precrimper provides a light hexagonal precrimp to securely hold bands in position. during swaging

Accurate Positioning   Typical standard deviation of band-to-band position 0.025 mm.

Fast Cycle Time  Typical PTCA catheter cycle time 30 sec.

Simple PLC Control   Set up a new product, position and precrimp a sample in 3 minutes.

Reliable Mechanical Positioning   No vision systems or optical sensors, no complex PC software.

Video 1
        Video 2    
Bands loaded at random positions
Bands positioned and precrimped by model PMC
Bands swaged by swager model SFA