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Holding Tools
Blockwise's unique holding tools can be incorporated into your process for quicker and more reliable gripping.

     MicroChuck (Hold small diameter products)

     Side-Loading Gripper  (Hold long products without having to thread tip through center)

The Blockwise MicroChuck is perfect for holding small diameter wires and work-pieces.  Unlike a conventional chuck, there are no gaps to slide into preventing proper centering and closing.  Simply place the work-piece in the center opening and it will be guided to the center as the chuck closes. The Blockwise MicroChuck makes loading small diameter objects quick, easy, and reliable.     Buy Microchucks

  Microchuck Model MCA shown with 1/2" adapter   Spring Activated Microchuck Model MCB    
Blockwise's side-loading gripper is ideal for holding catheters, pacing leads, or other long products.  In the gripper's open position, the product is placed through a slot in the side.  As the gripper closes the slot vanishes, providing symmetric 6-sided radial holding.      

Side-Loading Gripper Model GZ