Prosthetic Heart Valve Durability Testing Machine - Blockwise Engineering

Model MDV - Heart Valve Durability Tester

Simple and capable heart valve durability tester makes it easy to set up regulatory compliant test in minutes
  • Quick and Easy Setup
  • Real-time Statistics
  • Reliable Actuator
  • Minimal maintenance

Heart Valve Durability Tester Model MDV is the easiest-to-use tool for accelerated wear testing of artificial heart valves. Each tester runs only one valve at a time, allowing quick setup and avoiding troublesome interactions found in multi-unit machines. Test parameters are effortlessly adjusted on the touch-screen display. Outputs, such as pressure difference on valve, temperature, and even statistics for regulatory compliance, are continuously displayed.

This machine provides accelerated wear testing of a single heart valve specimen by pumping water through the valve and controlling the pressure difference across the valve. The pump is an unsealed piston-in-cylinder driven by a flexure-guided voice-coil actuator. Unsealed piston and cylinder eliminates wear and fatigue that would be present with bellows, diaphragms, or piston seals.

Control of the piston pump, temperature, and systemic pressure regulator are implemented by an embedded controller and operator-interface screen and keyboard on the testing station.

Test specimens can be easily removed and replaced in less than 5 minutes.

The machine is designed to facilitate customer compliance with test standards and regulatory guidance.

The clear plastic test section is easily removable and replaceable. The test section may be customized to accommodate the size and mounting method of the customer’s heart valve. Additional test sections can be designed and made by the customer or by Blockwise.

HMI Capabilities

A touchscreen HMI (human-machine interface) allows the user to enter parameters to control the test. Most parameters are electroncialy settable and can be changed while the test is running.

Differential-pressure statistics (relevant to regulatory guidance) are calculated and displayed immediately. Data can be exported at user specified intervals and sent to PC-based data acquisition software.

Auto-tuning mode automatically adjusts pump amplitude to achieve set heart valve differential pressure.

Calibration and checking of pressure, and temperature is very quick and easy. Specific screens for checking or calibrating walk the user through the process. The intuitive process reduces the likelihood of calibration mistakes.

The MDV machine requires no maintenance. The fluid portion of the machine can be cleaned with IPA or water.

Required Installation Connections – Model MDV

Description Physical Specs Functional Specs
Electric Power Powers the control system, HMI, actuator, heaters, etc. C13 Coupler (IEC 60320) 100-125 VAC 3A 50-60 Hz OR 220-240 VAC 3A 50-60Hz
Compressed Air Provides air for systemic pressure system, etc. (see Knowledge Base: Compressed Air & High Pressure Gas Connections) Instant Tube Fitting Accepts ¼-inch OD Plastic Tube 1.4 to 8.6 bar (20 to 125 psi)

Model MDV Heart Valve Durability Tester

Easy-to-use durability tester makes it quick to set up test and collect data. Custom valve holder can accomodate variety of heart valve designs.

Test Frequency Temperature Control Accuracy
5-25 Hz +/-1 deg C