VS - Pneumatic Actuation with Manual Controls

Model VS Machine Base

A low-cost, fully-manual, air actuated balloon wrapping machine for pleating and compressing catheter balloons.
  • Full manual control over balloon wrapping process
  • Easy to Operate Controls
  • Temperature-controlled stainless steel dies
  • Minimal maintenance with consistent results

This fully manual balloon wrapping machine contains all the necessary settings for complete optimization of the balloon wrapping process, without electronic control or computerized timing. Using a stopwatch to control the timing of pleating, compression, pressurization, and vacuum, the process engineer or the low-volume manufacturer can get the same results as on the recipe-driven VC machine.

Pleating and compression stations are both actuated by air cylinders. Air pressure regulation provides force control of balloon compression. Alternatively, compression can be diameter-controlled by means of a mechanical stop screw.

A complete machine includes a Model VS machine base, a pneumatically actuated pleating station, and a pneumatically actuated compression station. The pleating and compression stations are chosen based on the balloon diameter and length. Our engineers will help you choose the best pleating and compression stations for your application.

Operating temperature is from ambient up to 100°C. Balloon inflation pressures can be set up to 100 psi. Model VS is available for both PTCA and PTA applications, in diameters up to 30 mm, and working lengths up to 310 mm. Pleating stations can be easily swapped on the VS machine base for product changeover Knowledge Base: Balloon Wrapping Basics

Custom Die Design is used for all pleating dies in the VS balloon wrapper. The customer is provided with a table to fill in the details of a balloon range, such as distal seal diameter, double wall thickness, inflated diameter, and desired number of wings. One or more stainless steel die sets are then designed to accommodate the largest end of the range. All dies are hardened and electropolished. Knowledge base: Pleating Dies Custom Design

A product carrier on a manually-powered linear slide holds the catheter and allows the operator to quickly align the balloon catheter in position prior to insertion into the pleating and compression stations. The model VS balloon wrapper is a simplified version of the VC balloon wrapper. Processes that are optimized on the VS machine can be directly transferred into recipe-driven settings on the VC machine, if desired, to obtain the same results. All pleating and compression stations are interchangeable between VC and VS machines.

Operator Console

The operator console for the VS balloon wrapping machine is intended to be direct and easy to use. You will find controls for all aspects of the process, including balloon pressure, vacuum on/off, station temperature, and compression station pressure.

  • Most accurate pleating geometry
  • Up to 100 psi balloon pressure, 100 C temperature
  • Capable of large diameters, long lengths

Required Installation Connections – Model VS

Description Physical Specs Functional Specs
Electric Power Powers the control system, HMI, heaters, etc. C13 Coupler (IEC 60320) 100-240 VAC 8A 50-60Hz
Compressed Air Powers the Simpluer connector, etc. (see Knowledge Base: Compressed Air & High Pressure Gas Connections) Instant Tube Fitting Accepts ¼-inch OD Plastic Tube 6.9 to 8.3 bar (100 to 120 psi)

Calibration and checking is very quick and easy. To check the pleating station open diameter indicator, you can use a couple of gauge pins within the range for which the dies have been customer designed. Use the Blockwise-recommended thermometer to check the temperature(s) in the die opening(s).

The VS machine requires no maintenance. The pleating and compression mechanisms also require no maintenance - just keep them clean. Do not use in a dusty or dirty environment, and blow with compressed air. Clean the center opening with 99% isopropyl alcohol on a lint-free swab or cloth.

Model VS (G) for Alpha-Pleat™ Stations

The most accurate pleating geometry in the world; We recommend that you select this model unless you need to process balloons with diameters larger than 14 mm or lengths longer than 124 mm. Designed especially for PTCA-sized balloon wrapping, the patented Alpha-Pleat™ station has EDM-cut stainless steel dies that are self guided by extremely precise bearing balls, resulting in unparalleled consistency and geometric accuracy with virtually zero wear. The J-Crimp™ compression station relies on non-contacting dies with very small die-to-die gaps.

Diameter Length Number of Wings# Wings Die Material
1-14 mm 62 or 124 mm 2,3,4,5,6 Hardened Stainless Steel

Model VS (T) for Twin-Cam™ Stations

Versatile system that covers almost every possible need within balloon wrapping. The patented Twin-Cam™ mechanism ensures reliable and consistent pleating and compression, while enforcing very good accuracy and temperature control. Very small die-to-die gaps with no die-to-die wear make this an excellent choice for balloons larger than 14 mm in diameter, or longer than 124 mm. The VCT machine base can also accommodate Alpha-Pleat™ and J-Crimp™ stations for pleating and compression, respectively.

Diameter Length Number of Wings# Wings Dia Material
1-45 mm 62-310 mm 2,3,4,5,6,8 Hardened Stainless Steel