Intuitive User Interface

Fast, Uniform Induction Heating

Direct-Mold Cooling

Intuitive User Interface

Fast, Uniform Induction Heating

Direct-Mold Cooling

Model FF Balloon Former

The grippers are designed to be inherently safe while applying high holding force to the tube during the balloon forming process. The left gripper clamp closes the distal end of the tube after an optical sensor has been triggered by the operator.

The right and left actuators are able to stretch the parison with up to 120lbf during a forming process. During stretching, the right gripper utilizes high-friction materials and increased surface area to hold the tube without collapsing it.

Up to 750psi of pressure can be applied during the balloon forming process. The tube grabber uses a tuohy borst style clamp to hold the tube while delivering the high-pressure nitrogen to the balloon.

For the first time, induction heating is harnessed for the balloon forming process. This, along with an integrated cooling system that flows water directly over the mold, result in superior temperature uniformity and unrivaled cycle times.

Rapid heating: 24 – 75 °C in 8s
Direct-mold cooling: 140 – 24 °C in 3s

Using our modern touch-screen interface, engineers are free to explore creative process development with our adaptive machine controls and intuitive recipe flow.

The Model FF presents unique capabilities in a number of areas. Users can create robust and dynamic recipes through precise recipe flow control, stretch parameters based on distance, force, or pressure drop, user-set alarm states, and numerous other customizable settings. Managing the recipe database is also easy with sort, copy, and import/export functions.

Designed with simplicity in mind, our system allows a full portfolio of products to be manufactured with only a few, easily interchangeable modules.

The module is the interchangeable assembly that the mold is inserted into. It contains all the control electronics for heating the mold, as well as the water passages for cooling. Modules come in 3 different sizes -small, medium, and large – (which correlate to the mold OD). Small and medium modules can be from 1 – 4 stacks long, while a large module can be a single or double stack.

The mounting hook allows the module to be attached to the telescoping actuator on the left side of the machine. As the module length grows, the telescoping actuator and mounting hook simply extend outward.

Modules are connected / disconnected with the click of a button. When the module is attached, the electric, pneumatic, and cooling connections are made automatically.

Each module includes built-in mold latches, which hold the mold in position without the use of large, unnecessary actuators.

Calibration and checking of temperature, force, and pressure is very quick and easy. Specific screens for checking or calibrating walk the user through the process. The intuitive process reduces the likelihood of calibration mistakes. User-supplied reference instruments for force (weights), pressure, and temperature are required.

The FF is designed with indefinite longevity and reliability in mind.  Very little maintenance is needed. Regular cleaning of the integrated water storage system will be required. The user manual recommends inspection procedures and replacement intervals for wear components.