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Self-Expanding Stent Loaders
Blockwise's innovative self-expanding stent loaders will help you process even the most difficult stents.  Our stent loaders are based on two types of technologies:

   Powerfeed™ (Automatically Feeds Stent)

   Zero-G™  (Self-Lubricated Plastic Dies)

Powerfeed   Eliminates crimper-to-stent friction, 0 – 28 mm diameter, length 225 mm (Learn More)
  Model RFL - Full-featured RFL Powerfeed stent loading machine Video    
Zero-G™   Self-lubricated plastic dies, 0 – 31mm diameter, lengths 62 – 300 mm (Learn More)
Model RZG - Zero-G stent loader with closed-loop diameter control, N2 Cooling        
Model RZF - Zero-G stent loader with pneumatic actuator Video  
Model RZD - Zero-G standalone compression station