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Heart Valve Durability Tester - Model MDS
Heart Valve Durability Tester Model MDS is the easiest-to-use tool for accelerated wear testing of artificial heart valves. Each tester runs only one valve at a time, allowing quick setup and avoiding troublesome interactions found in multi-unit machines. Test parameters are effortlessly adjusted on the touch-screen display. Outputs, such as pressure difference on valve, temperature, and even statistics for regulatory compliance, are continuously displayed.


  Simple and Capable Heart Valve Durability Testing

Quick and Easy Setup  Setup regulatory-compliant tests in minutes rather than days.

Continuous Monitoring  View pressure difference, temperature, piston amplitude, and other values throughout the test.

Real-time Statistics  Differential-pressure statistics (relevant to regulatory guidance) are calculated and displayed immediately.

Reliable Actuator  Flexure-guided actuator is designed for unlimited life and zero maintenance.

Ethernet Data Export  Collect data at user specified intervals and send to supervisory system.

Minimal Maintenance  Disassemble and reassemble the entire fluid system for cleaning with just a few screws.

Touch-Screen Display  Input and view test parameters with an intuitive interface.